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Habachi Grill

Kitchen menu

Poke Bowls

All poke bowls come with rice, sweet pickled cucumber, adamame salad, shredded nori.

Proteins:  Tuna, Salmon, Cooked Shrimp

Flavors:  Shoyu, Spicy, Wasabi


Served with steamed rice & your choice of soup or salad.

Chicken teriyaki with mushrooms, tempura vegetables.

Beef teriyaki with mushrooms, tempura vegetables

Grilled salmon, asparagus, mushrooms

Gyu-don, sauteed sliced beef, mushrooms, onions

Stir-fry yakisoba noodles, cabbage, carrot and your choice of 

Chicken, Beef, Shrimps or Vegetables

Steamed buns

Pork belly steamed bun

  • Spicy chicken, jalapeno, avocado, green onion.

  • Grill Chicken, kimchi, cucumber, onion.

  • Sauteed beef slices with mushrooms and onion.

  • Pork belly, kimchi, cucumber, green onion.

  • Teriyaki wild mushrooms.

Konomi Ramen


 It's all about the broth base!  Our ramen is focus on traditional Tonkatsu-style broth cooked from scratch for 18 hours to create smooth, silky texture, a warm, rich and creamy flavor.  All ramens are served with seasoned soft egg, menma, baby mustard green, sweet corn, bean sprouts, and green onions. 

House Signature Ramen

Rich and creamy flavor, served with pork belly, seasoned soft egg, menma, baby mustard green and scallions.

Shoyu Ramen

House blend shoyu and chicken broth, served with menma, baby mustard green, sweet corn, seasoned soft egg, pork belly.

Grilled Chicken Ramen

Rich and smooth chicken broth.  Served with grilled chicken, seasoned soft egg, baby mustard green, menma, bean sprout, sweet corn, and scallions.

Short Ribs Ramen

Special house blend miso and tonkatsu giving it rich and creamy flavor with a hint of sweetness.  Served with Korean-style short ribs slices.

Ox Tails Ramen

Special house blend beef broth with miso.  Served with melted in your mouth Ox Tails meat, menma, bean sprouts, baby mustard green, sweet corn and scallions.